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Cancelled. With the news of summer camp at Inagehi cancelled this past week, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this word and how it’s affected me personally. Not many positive thoughts come to mind when I think of its connotation. Unfortunately, it’s a term we have all had to hear a lot recently. From ceremonies to deadlines, trips and activities, national and even global happenings to personal plans, it seems as if the word “cancelled” has crept into…


A few years ago I was in Tallahassee for a speaking engagement, and, while there, I was invited on a canoeing trip down the Wacissa River with a local youth group. The Wacissa is formed by several underground springs and is known for its crystal clear water. In fact, it is a popular location for scuba diving enthusiasts because of one’s ability to explore underwater caves without the impediment of murky water. On this particular occasion, my group traveled down…