Sermons on Jesus

Sermons on Jesus



Handout It is very common for businesses and organizations to have a written mission statement. The purpose of such statements is to reveal the purpose of that particular entity. A purpose statement gives direction. A purpose statement establishes objectives. A purpose statement indicates a reason for existence. God has revealed His purpose for His people in His proclaimed will. This series of lessons will explore God’s stated purposes for His people so that our lives will be lived on purpose.…
2020 Vision

What Do We Need To Focus On?

Handout Do you know what was the most frequently performed healing of Jesus? Curing blindness. There are at least 5 specific episodes in which Jesus resolved someone’s physical blindness (Matthew 9:27-31; 12:22; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 8:22-26; John 9:1-7) as well as references to Jesus healing numerous others who were blind (Matthew 15:30; Luke 7:21). Maybe the reason Jesus so frequently remedied physical blindness was to expose our need for better spiritual vision. 18 as we look not to the things that…