Sermons on Mark

Sermons on Mark

The god Called Success

How do you define success? The world tends to equate success with being great at something, and, as a result, many spend their lives trying to reach this level of so-called “greatness.” When success becomes your obsession it quite obviously has become your idol. And the truth is that although success may be a laudable goal it is a pitiful god since it is unattainable for most, unsustainable for the rest, and unsatisfying for all. In order to avoid the…

A Biblical Marriage Ethic

In today’s culture, marriage is an institution in flux. The increasing popularity of cohabitation, the permissive mindset toward divorce, and the legalization of same sex marriage have all contributed to an evolving marriage ethic. But should our marriage ethic be changing? Is the institution of marriage ours to be altering? Today we explore what the Bible has to say about marriage and divorce in order to develop a biblically-based ethic of marriage. Sermon Handout MARK 10:2-12 2 And Pharisees came up…

I am a Witness

Just before His ascension Jesu told His disciples that “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8). A witness is an individual who can testify on behalf of another. For the Apostles such an identity made since because they witnessed the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. But how does such an identity apply to us? Can we serve as a witness for Christ if we…
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