Posts from February 2019

Posts from February 2019


The Plague of the Past

The seemingly most inescapable thing known to man is the past; every single person has one. It does not matter how good that past might have been or how bad that past might have been, we all at the end of the day have the tendency to dwell on it. There are many different ways in which we like to dwell on the past. Individually, we dwell on the past remembering the “good old days,” or maybe remembering our childhood……

Is God an “Indian Giver”?

The phrase “Indian giver” is an interesting phrase that we sometimes use. It’s what we call someone who gives a “gift” and later wants it back, or who expects something in return. The expression itself has its own unique history that shows how it has changed over the years. It is thought to have originated around the 15thcentury when there was a cultural misunderstanding between European settlers and Native Americans. Th new settlers thought they were receiving gifts from the native…
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But What About My___?

Last night, I was asked by one of my Personal Evangelism Class students, “What is the most difficult question you encounter in your studies with people?” A flood of different memories came to mind of challenging questions I have encountered. Questions on baptism, the One Church, acceptable worship, among others came to mind. While these all are very FREQUENT questions, none of these really fit the description of the most DIFFICULT question. There really are numerous questions that arise in…


In aeronautic terminology, “attitude” refers to the angle of an aircraft in regard to a reference point such as the horizon. It encompasses the yaw (i.e. the left-to-right movement of an aircraft in relation to its vertical axis), pitch (i.e. the up or down tilt of the aircraft’s nose in relation to its side-to-side axis), and roll (i.e. the rotation of the wings around its front-to-back axis)) of the aircraft. In simplistic terms, a plane’s attitude refers to its overall…

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat”

I am not much of a cat person. I don’t like the way they seemingly look down on me with their smug glances, their lack of engagement when it comes to being able to play with them, and to top it off I am allergic to them. Now I say most of that in a joking manner and to be completely honest, if it wasn’t for being allergic to them I believe I would be much more up to liking…


Over the past few weeks, we have explored the Great Commission and the different components of it in an effort to obtain a clearer understanding ofJesus’ parting assignment for disciples. Thus far, we have seen that He expects us to “go,” to “proclaim the gospel,” and to “make disciples.” Jesus then indicated that making disciples consists of “baptizing” them and “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20). What is the difference between Jesus’ “baptizing” instruction…