Buford Church of Christ

Followers of the Bible. Seeking to work and worship in faith.

Temporary Schedule . . .
Worship In-Person & Online @ 10am
Bible Study Online @ 6pm
Adult Summer Series In-person & Online @ 7pm
Buford Youth Group (BYG) Bible Study In-person @ 7pm

일요일 : 예배 오전 10시 & 오후 6 (오전9시 성경공부)
수요일 : 오후 7시 성경공부

HINDSIGHT: Remembering the message of the minor prophets

Wednesdays @ 7pm during June – August. In this series of lessons, we will seek to uncover what God’s vision was for the people to whom he sent each prophet as well as how we can incorporate that vision into our lives today.