Our recorded events are for the express purpose of providing encouraging, educational, and evangelistic information.

APOLOGETICS SEMINAR with Kyle Butt from Apologetics Press


Friday, 1/5 The Case For Creation
Saturday, 1/6 Sessions The "Problem" of the Dinosaurs?; Theistic Evolution; Defend the Faith
Sunday, 1/7 Bible Class Fruits of Atheism
Sunday, 1/7 Worship Protecting Our Children's Faith


MAN OF GOD - March 2017 with David Decker

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Friday, 3/24 Embracing Our Manhood
Saturday, 3/25 - Session 1 Embracing Our Mission
Saturday, 3/25 - Session 1 Embracing Our Message

KEEP The Family Strong - November 2016 with David Shannon

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Sunday, November 13th - Adult Bible Class KEEP Away The "The Bid Lie" Destroying The Family
Sunday, November 13th - AM Worship KEEP God First
Sunday, November 13th - PM Worship KEEP Marriage First Under God
Monday, November 14th Family Communication: Creating Godly Bonds Through The Storms Of Life by Jaime Harper (Filled in for David)
Tuesday, November 15th KEEP The Goal Of Parenting
Wednesday, November 16th KEEP Love Growing

REAL-LIFE DISCIPLESHIP - Sept. 2016 with Jonathan Jones II


Sunday, September 11th - Adult Bible Class What Is A Disciple?
Sunday, September 11th - AM Worship Disciple-Making Is The Main Thing
Sunday, September 11th - PM Worship Making Disciples, not "Cultural Christians"
Monday, September 12th Disciple-Makers: Coaching For Spiritual Growth
Tuesday, September 13th Jesus' Method For Making Disciples
Wednesday, September 14th Disciples Share Jesus

BUFORD MEN'S WEEKEND - April 2016 with Bengy Slocumb


Friday, April 22nd I Sought A Man To Stand In The Gap
Saturday, April 23rd Facing Your Giants
Saturday, April 23rd Don't Settle For Being Average

All Members Weekend - January 2016 with Dan Chambers

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Friday, January 8th Bold Faith In Bad Times
Saturday, January 9th Becoming A Person Of God
Sunday, January 10th - Adult Bible Class Obedience Still Matters
Sunday, January 10th - AM Worship Restoration: It's God's Idea
Sunday, January 10th - PM Worship Restoration: It's A Great Idea

Freedom From Forgiveness - September 2015 with Dan Winkler

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Sunday, September 13th - Adult Bible Class "The Place of Grace"
Sunday, September 13th - AM Worship "For-GIVE-ness Is A Gift"
Sunday, September 13th - PM Worship "Unforgiving = Unforgiven"
Monday, September 14th "At-ONE-ment with God"
Tuesday, September 15th "The Cost Paid Of The Lost"
Wednesday, September 16th "Permission To Enjoy The Remission of Sins"

Spiritual Leadership Workshop - August 2015 with David Shannon

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 Session 1, Friday Spiritual Leadership for ELDERS
Session 2, Friday Spiritual Leadership for DEACONS
Session 3, Saturday Spiritual Leadership for MEN
Session 4, Saturday Spiritual Leadership for WOMEN
Session 5, Saturday Spiritual Leadership for PARENTS/TEENS
Session 6, Saturday Spiritual Leadership for SINGLES

"I Want To Be A Worker For The Lord" January 2015 with Michael Shepherd

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Friday - Session 1 Care And Cooperation
Saturday - Session 2 Actions In Accomplishing
Sunday AM Bible Class - Session 3 Following Christ's Example
Sunday AM Worship - Session 4 Responsibilities And Rewards
Sunday PM Worship - Session 5 Enthusiasm And Evangelical Attitude

Gospel Meeting Fall 2014 with Keith Parker - "A Call for Revival"

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Sunday Session 1 - Bible Class God's Recipe For Revival
Sunday Session 2 - AM Worship Revive Us Again
Sunday Session 3 - PM Worship Revival In The Home
Monday Session 4 Saved or Sinner?
Tuesday Session 5 What Has God Done For You?
Wednesday Session 6 There's A Great Day Coming

Marriage Enrichment Seminar March 2014 with Eric Owens

Minister from Avondale church of Christ

"Building A More Holy Marriage"

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Session 1, Saturday Building A Holy Marriage
Session 2, Saturday Bridge Building To Holiness - Part 1
Session 3, Saturday Bridge Building To Holiness - Part 2

"Discovering God" - All Members Weekend 2014 with David Lipe

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Session 1, Friday Discovering God's Existence
Session 2, Saturday Discovering God's Word
Session 3, Bible Class Discovering God's Love
Session 4, AM Worship Discovering God's Attitude
Session 5, PM Worship Discovering God's Grace

Christian Family & Parenting Seminar 2013 with Aubrey Johnson

"The Best Family Ever"


Session 1 The Best Family PLEDGE
Session 2 The Best Family MODEL
Session 3 The Best Family CHALLENGE

Gospel Meeting Fall 2013 with Randy Medlin - "God's Good News"


Sunday Session 1 - Bible Class Faith Development
Sunday Session 2 - AM Worship A Call to Victory
Sunday Session 3 - PM Worship Happiness Is A Choice
Monday Session 4 Did You Repent?
Tuesday Session 5 Conversion: Are You Sure of Yours?
Wednesday Session 6 What Kind of Father is God?

 The following series can be viewed online or downloaded. Select the session title to view.

Marriage Enrichment Seminar - April 2013 with Lonnie Jones

"Stronger Marriages, Stronger Homes"

marriageenrich2013 web

Saturday Session 1 You, Me or Us?
Saturday Session 2 Predictors of Divorce
Saturday Session 3 Conflict Regulation
Sunday Adult Bible Class Your Needs/My Rights
Sunday Worship Lesson Attitudes for Relationships

Gospel Meeting Spring 2012 with Dan Winkler - "God Centered" - Mark 12:28-31

Godcentered web

Friday PM Lesson Love the Lord with all of Your Heart
Saturday PM Lesson Love the Lord with all of Your Soul
Sunday AM Bible Class Love the Lord with all of Your Mind
Sunday AM Worship Love the Lord with all of Your Strength
Sunday PM Worship Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

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