New Christian

biblestudy40Your First 40 Days

This study guide is designed to help you have some direction each day for the next forty days as you start listening to the voice of God as He speaks to your whole life. Why forty days? We have picked this because that was the length of testing Jesus Himself went through following His own baptism. He passed victoriously through that testing because He knew the word of God and each time Satan came, He drove him away by using the very words of the Scripture. Satan will make his attack on you. He knows you are young and more vulnerable, but God is with you. With the weapons of righteousness in the right hand and the left you can defeat anything that would take your new life from you.

You can download to get started or view it on-line in e-format.

If you are a New Christian and would like to setup a one-on-one Bible Study, please contact Scott Taylor to set this up for you.

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