Mission Trips 2016

Nigeria Mission Trip

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July 2016 - Buford has long supported the work of the Lord in Nigeria specifically Edu Okorie in Etim Ekpo and Chi Ekwenye's work through Right Steps and Susana Homes Orphanage. As a follow up to the creation of a Computer Lab in 2014, Right Steps was in need of a second Lab due to increased numbers. Thanks to the generous donation of 80 tablets through our wonderful contacts at M3 Accounting, a couple of our men will be able to set up the second computer lab and have the infrastructure for a third. Further tablets will then be brought over as other groups travel. Several other projects were lined up for the quick trip including oversight of a building foundation, bus repair, Bible lessons, and sermons. Please pray for these children the work that continues to be done, and especially Bible studies taking place there.

February 2016 - A group of 7 people traveled to Nigeria in February. They traveled to Susana Homes Sunday morning for worship service. Monday thru Wednesday they worked with the children attending Right Steps.

On Thursday Ladies from the community traveled to the Christian Girls Summit (CGS) and the Ladies Lectureship. Laura Nichols worked with the local doctor seeing patients and spoke on medical issues. There was activities with the girls and ladies on Thursday, but the lectureship officially will kicked off on Friday. Natalie Norton, Elise Quinn and Connie Quinn worked with CGS. Susan Williams, Laura Nichols and Connie Quinn spoke during the Ladies Lectureship.  Chi Ekwenye-Hendricks, Director of Rite Steps, said there were over 150 girls that attend the summit and 800 at the Ladies Lectureship. Along with being the groups travel advisors, Ken Lollar and Bob Price had Bible studies with the men and worked on a list of items Chi needs help with. We give God the glory in the sucess and safety of this trip.

SCOTLAND Mission Trip


July 2016 -  The campaign took place in Perth, Scotland the first week of July. In November 2014, a new congregation started in Perth, indirectly from work by Buford church of Christ BYG Mission team in 2014. The preacher is Scott Tominey, who we support as a missionary, and is currently completing his Preaching School studies in the ACT program. The Perth campaign combined morning Bible school for youth/families, afternoon personal evangelism/surveying in the city centre, Youth Club activities in late afternoon and gospel meeting in the evening. They worked side-by-side with members from the Cumbernauld congregation who is Scott’s Scotland support.Visit the Mission Trip blog page for blogs by team members.



July 2016 - The church at Buford has long been invested in the work of the Lord in Nicaragua, specifically in the town of Leon and with supporting the missionary efforts of Mario Rojas.  During the week of July 8 - 16, twenty-five members of the Buford congregation and Igesia de Cristo en Buford traveled to Leon to assist in an evangelistic and medical campaign conducted by Latin American Missions.  Through the planting and watering of God's word and with His increase, the Azarias congregation was strengthened spiritually and in number.  Through our medical services, the physical needs of many were met which provided an avenue by which we can share the true need that we each have - a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Please continue to keep the efforts in Nicaragua in your prayers daily. Visit the Mission Trip blog page for blogs by team members.



July 2016 - A group of nine returned to Pingjiang City in Luxi County, China to visit the Care Center supported by Chinese Agape.  They spent time sharing God’s love to children and teachers raised from birth with no knowledge of a loving God and our savior Jesus Christ.  One of our Buford members working with China Now joined them. Please pray that the seeds plannted will be effective in touching hearts in China with the good news. Visit the Mission Trip blog page for blogs by team members.