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Scott Tominey webScott Tominey is majoring in ministry with the Applied Preacher Training (APT) program, developed in Cumbernauld. He is in his 2nd year and is close to finishing the program. He has been involved with planting a congregation in Perth, where he he has moved and is working as a full-time minister as of 2016. A Youth Club in that area has also begun and has up to 35 attending weekly. He continues to be supported by the Cumbernauld congregation there, where he became a member in his youth.

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Perth-Logo webThe Church of Christ began meeting in Perth in November 2014, with the assistance of neighboring congregations and global support. Scott continues to preach at Perth church of Christ, lead coffee shop Bible studies and outreach to the community of Perth.



ConnecTion Youth ClubPerth Youth Club began in February 2015, so young people in the community may be given an opportunity to be involved in a positive program. He has up to 35 youth participating. The Christians that work with the Youth Club continue to show the love of God and encourage the youth and their families to attend worship with the Perth congregation on Sundays.


A message from Scott about the work in Perth, Scotland . . .

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Scott Tominey, Evangelist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The openness of people in the community to hear the Gospel.

That the Youth Club will reach many children and families, giving the opportunity to share the Gospel.

Scott and his studies, so that he will have a greater understanding of the Word of God and be better prepared to share it with others.

Open hearts throughout Scotland to be receptive to hearing the Gospel. Pray for the Christians as they stuggle against family, friends and society as a whole.

That the Perth church of Christ will be a light set on a hill for all in the coummunity to see and learn of God.


SCOTLAND Mission Trips - Photos

ScotlandTripLogo2A team of 23 teens and adults from Buford went to Perth in the summer of 2014 to help with evangelism and outreach to the community. In July 2015, 14 teens and adults returned to Perth to lead a youth camp and evangelize in the community. Jeremy Pate, Youth Minister at Buford, spoke at their 1st Gospel Meeting. Buford Youth Group team participants led in the planning, serving and teaching for this annual mission trip.


Visit the Mission Trip Blog page to read from team members about these trips. - click here

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