Getting Involved

getinvolvedThe first thing most people notice about the Buford Church of Christ is how much is going on. The building is in use every day! Our facilities are used to spread God's word, encourage our members, and help with the needs of the Lord's work. But beyond that, our members are active in dozens of ministries that range from crafts for sick children to Skyping with one of our missionaries abroad. We invite each and every one of our members to step out of their comfort zone, find their God-given talents, and use them to the glory of God.

Not everyone has the ability to travel the world as missionaries. But we do have the ability to send them. No everyone has the ability to preach or teach. But we do have the ability to serve and encourage. You have a role in the Lord's Church!

How can you get involved? Take your pick! Here are a few areas to consider.

Come and serve with us, as we seek to fulfill the great commission, each and every day. Get involved!