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Upcoming Events

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class - FH
Tue Mar 31 @10:00AM - 11:30AM
Tuesday Ladies Birthday Luncheon - FH
Tue Mar 31 @11:00AM - 12:00AM
LTLL Convention
Fri Apr 03
LTLL Convention
Sat Apr 04
LTLL Convention
Sun Apr 05
Korean Meal & Fellowship - FH
Sun Apr 05 @11:30AM - 01:00PM
  • youthandfamilyOur Youth and Family Ministry focus on serving others, growing spiritually and connecting socially. Scripture clearly presents the relationships and roles God desires in our families and our sincere desire at Buford is that each family will know and practice all that God has shared with us.

    Learn more about our Family Ministries

    Learn more about our Youth Ministry (5th-12th)

  • generationNextsmallThe Generation Next (or Nexters) is geared toward our young adults and "college" aged. This is such a topsy-turvy time of transition for this age group and we are proud of how our "Nexters" thrive during this time. They do this through serving others, seeking better ways to grow spiritually, and by connecting socially to one another. 

    We invite you to come and take part in Generation Next!
  • youngprofessionalssmallThe Young Professionals ministry is designed for the straight-out-of-school and new-to-the-work-force young adult. This ministry really strives to engage this generation by providing opportunities to serve God, serve others, and to grow spiritually. Monthly devotionals, service projects, and outings are just part of what this group does.

    Join the Young Professionals as they seek to serve God in all things.

  • legacybuildersweb2Legacy Builders are adults ages 35 to 55. This group is living the legacy of their older parents while building their own legacy to leave to the next generation. By having many things in common, they encourage one another as they strive to balance careers, raising a family, aging parents, becoming empty nesters and maintaining strong marriages. They continue to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Bible and God’s will for their lives. Come be a part of the Legacy Builders.
  • owlslogoOur purpose is to minister to the Spiritual and physical needs of our O.W.L.S. (55+) and encourage them to participate in church activities and service. Our Seniors are actively involved in teaching, preparing food for the needy, visiting the bereaved and sick, providing transportation and serving others. Our Senior Singles also plan activities that support the needs of their group. Many activities are planned. Come join us for fellowship and support.
  • ladies ministry webOur Ladies Ministry is a vital part of our congregation. They focus on growing in the knowledge of the Lord, supporting one another and serving others. A special time of Spiritual focus can be found at our Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class, Wednesday night Ladies Bible class, Fall Ladies Day and Spring Ladies Retreat. Our ladies continue to support the congregational needs as teachers, nursery staff, hosting showers, visiting, meeting the needs of our members and more.
  • mens ministry webCome and join the men of the Buford congregation as we glorify God. Our focus is to help all men to commit to Christ’s authority in the church, their home, career and community. We offer many opportunities for men to come together for Bible study and fellowship.

    "And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken." -Ecclesiastes 4:12
  • education-logowebThe Education Ministry is designed to help teach the youth and adults about the Lord and His expectations, through study of the Bible. We offer a variety of classes, trainings, development and encouragement with the intention of addressing various needs. Each quarter we offer a variety of classes to increase Bible knowledge and promote individual spiritual growth. Get connected in a Bible class today!

Minister Articles

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  • Of Pews & People

    This past Sunday, you may have noticed that several of our pews in the auditorium had been slashed, sliced, cut, or...


Service Times

meeting times


  • 9:00am - Bible Class (English & Korean Classes)
  • 10:00am - Worship (English & Korean Sermon)
  • 12:00pm - Spanish Speaking Bible Study
  • 1:00pm - Spanish Speaking Worship
  • 6:00pm - Evening Worship (English & Korean)


  • 7:00pm - Devotional and Bible Class
  • 7:00pm - Spanish Speaking Bible Class

Contact Information

contact information



  • 770.945.8620
  • Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm


  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Worship Streaming & Video


Please join us for worship in person when you are able. When not able, participate via our LIVE streaming broadcast during our worship times. Select the photo above or click here for all video options.

Sermons, Gospel Meetings and Seminar Speakers are recorded and made available to you in several formats. These videos are provided to help you enhance your study of God's written word, the Bible.

If you have any questions regarding the subjects presented, please contact us for further study.